Discover Ritual Botánico!

We care about your hair and we believe that you can look fabulous both with and without a flat iron.

A leading Colombian company in the elaboration of organic botanical products, now available in the United States, and brought to you by Isarena Beautyline's!

This fabulous brand brings with them the philosophy of ensuring the health of our customers and the environment, and for more than ten years of experience in the production of products with natural, organic, vegan and 100% healthy bases for your body care routine. , have established the highest standards of quality and excellence in the industry.

Botanical Ritual prides itself on being friendly to the environment, since they do not test on animals and their products do not pose any risk to human health. In addition, in their firm commitment to sustainability, they created their brand 10% vegan and free of harmful and toxic substances for hair care.

Your flagship product; The Vegan Organic Keratin from Ritual Botánico, a revolutionary hair straightening system that does not contain formaldehyde or ammonia, since it is made with organic ingredients and is 100% vegan. This completely vegan formula is suitable for pregnant women and girls, which guarantees the safety and health of all our customers.

Our Botanical Ritual Vegan Organic Keratin provides strength, elasticity and resistance to the hair fiber. Restores and seals the cuticle, moisturizing and nourishing your hair with a combination of 12 natural oils , such as coconut, shea, chamomile, argan, cotton, myrrh, macadamia, olive, cinnamon, aloe, calamus and green tea.

Benefits of Ritual Botánico Organic Vegan Keratin :

  • Smooth and shiny hair, eliminating frizz.
  • Restoration and sealing of the cuticle.
  • It does not damage the hair structure, unlike other straightening formulas that can be damaging.
  • Long lasting results that can last from 3 to 6 months depending on hair type and keratin aftercare.
  • 100% vegan and cruelty free formula.
  • It can be used in girls from 7 years old.
  • Safe for pregnant or lactating women.
  • Does not contain formaldehyde, ammonia or derivatives of these components.
  • Easy application for a convenient experience.

Now you can buy the Keratin Botanical Ritual at Isarena Beautyline's ! Available in two presentations of 120 ml and 250 ml, you can enjoy the benefits of this product from the comfort of your home. Give your hair maximum splendor and buy the Keratin Botanical Ritual online. We ship throughout the United States and Puerto Rico, so no matter where you are, you can have your Keratin Botanical Ritual delivered right to your door. Do not waste more time and take this opportunity to try it.

Discover how this organic and vegan keratin can transform your hair, giving it strength, shine and softness. Improve the health and appearance of your hair with the quality and excellence offered by Ritual Botánico. Don't wait any longer and give your hair the care it deserves! Enjoy our website and discover more about our Organic Vegan Keratin and other high quality natural products. Let us help you safely and effectively transform your hair.

Experience the power of nature in Botanical Ritual and have healthy and beautiful hair with Isarena Beautyline's!

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