Diamond Tips

Puntas de Diamante is now in the USA and you can find it at Isarena Beautyline's! Discover the new Colombian brand without formaldehyde for Hair Recovery and Lamination with LATEST GENERATION nanotechnology , available at Isarena Beautyline's!

Our formaldehyde-free keratin will give you diamond-shiny hair with professional results and exceptional benefits:

- Frizz-free hair: Say goodbye to annoying frizz and enjoy soft and manageable hair.
- Volume reduction: Reduces excessive hair volume, providing a more stylized appearance.
- Texturizes and provides softness: Our innovative formula provides a silk effect, adding movement and softness to the hair.
- Prevention of hair loss and activation of growth: Enriched with red onion extract, Cannabis and Duck Embryo, it helps strengthen hair and stimulates healthy growth.
- Diamond shine effect: With Vitamin E, Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Jojoba Oil and Panthenol, our treatment provides a dazzling and long-lasting shine.
- Stops hair aging: The components of our keratin prevent premature graying of hair, keeping it young and radiant.

    Our Diamond Tip keratin has a formula enriched with a Blend of 11 amino acids, Softliss nanomolecule, glyoxylic acid, Cannabis oil, red onion extract, Vitamin E and hydrolyzed Keratin . All of these components work together to deliver amazing, long-lasting results.

    Get dazzling and radiant hair like a diamond with our Diamond Tips formaldehyde-free keratin! Discover the latest technology in Hair Recovery and Lamination for healthy and spectacular hair. Visit Isarena Beautyline's and experience the difference with our Colombian brand for professional use. Choose Diamond Tips and show off shiny and beautiful hair!

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