Mint Hair

Welcome to the exciting world of hair care with Menta Hair, the Colombian brand that has arrived in the United States with a unique and revolutionary touch!

At Isarena Beautyline's, we are proud to present our new line of vegan and organic formulations, specially designed to give your hair the love and care it deserves.

At Menta Hair, they are passionate about taking care of your hair in the most natural and sustainable way possible. Its products are created through biotechnology, exclusively using formulations of 100% natural origin. But what does this mean? Well, each of their products is full of carefully selected natural ingredients to nourish and beautify your hair without resorting to harmful synthetic substances.

We want you to feel good about yourself and the environment, so we have worked hard to find brands that combine nature and technology in each of their hair products. Imagine the perfect fusion between the essence of Mother Nature and the most innovative scientific advances. That is the essence of Menta Hair.

Menta Hair , like your favorite online store in the United States, Isarena Beautyline's is committed to the quality and origin of its supplies. Using Colombian ingredients of the highest quality to offer you exceptional results in each application. Best of all, you can be confident that their products are endorsed by the respective INVIMA records , guaranteeing the safety and effectiveness of their formulations and production processes.

Its vegan and organic formulations, without salts, parabens or silicones, offer many special products that you will love, for example, a shampoo and detox treatment with activated charcoal, purifying, emollient and soothing with astringent and antiseptic properties, a super conditioner and shampoo of rosemary with vitamin E microcapsules and its Onion and Garlic Nutrioleum revitalizes and controls hair loss with thermal protection. Give your hair the love and natural care it deserves with Menta Hair!

Where can you find this wonderful range of Menta Hair hair products in the United States ? The answer is simple! You will only find them at Isarena Beautyline's, their authorized distributors, always trying to innovate among so many beauty brands and lines, with the latest trends and always focused on bringing the best to take care of your hair. So run and visit Isarena Beautyline's to discover the secret behind healthy, radiant hair!

Don't miss the opportunity to experience the difference with Menta Hair, where nature meets science to pamper your hair like never before. Join the natural hair care revolution and beautify your hair with Menta Hair! We ship to the entire United States and Puerto Rico, with just one click you can have the benefits of Mother Nature to take care of you, from the comfort of your home and give you the effective results you have been waiting for!

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