Elixir By La Maga arrives at Isarena Beautyline's to deliver all the secrets of Skincare.

Do you want rejuvenated, blemish-free, fully protected skin? You will achieve this through its magic potions, products with totally effective active ingredients for the restoration of the skin of your face, with unique formulations that transform lives with short-term results. Beyond selling products, her greatest purpose has been to give women back the confidence and self-esteem they lose due to skin problems, and to consolidate a community of authentic women who can shine anywhere. Enjoy the sun without worries with its 50SPF sunscreen , forget about stained and opaque skin with its lightening toner, pimples and acne? try your drying lotion now, and solve many more problems of your skin with Elixir by la Maga . Dare to preserve the freshness of your beauty, with a much more effective skincare routine . All Elixir products are totally hypoallergenic and dermatologically tested, cruelty free and 100% authentic, made in Colombia, for the well-being of the entire world, now in the United States and closer to you.
Remember that you can purchase your products with a single click from the comfort of your home, we do the rest, we ship throughout the USA and Puerto Rico , safely, quickly and reliably.

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