Proudly Fruto Salvaje Brand Flower Harvesters, Now in the USA!

Wild Fruit was born from a strong life story, in which its CEO and founder Marcela Aristizabal was involved, which at the end of the road turned it into a beautiful castle of empowerment and strength, transforming its obstacles into a life purpose, inspiration and success, which today is shared with many women, housewives, heads of households, like you and me, in various parts of the world, raising their self-esteem and showing them how beautiful their inner beauty is, how much they are worth and what capable that they are, offering them at the same time, the opportunity to generate sustenance for their families with their wonderful products, generating more than 1800 jobs between Colombia, Australia, Canada and the United States.

Its approach and business philosophy works, based on the development of products, cruelty free, free of toxic substances, with 100% natural extracts, sustainable packaging and friendly to the environment and living beings, with ecopure and biodegradable additives. Based on herbs, flowers, essences and fruits, it has conquered the heart of the Colombian beauty market, earning the trust of its warriors day after day.
Fruto Salvaje is proud to have flower harvesters in its community, and it is an honor to inform you that Isarena Beautyline's is part of this beautiful family. Their main goal is to support each other and get ahead together. Additionally, they are dedicated to delivering benefits through wild, unique, authentic, and effective products.
Isarena Beautylines is part of the Fruto Salvaje family and looks forward to welcoming you so that you can enjoy the magic that your brand contains. We are ready to give you a unique experience and make you feel part of this beautiful community.
Remember that you can buy Fruto Salvaje products in our market place, and rest assured that you will receive gold in your hands, high-quality natural ingredients that will guarantee optimal and lasting results, in a short time, quickly, easily and in a timely manner. .

Enjoy an exceptional experience in your personal care routine, with Fruto Salvaje!

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