"Keracolor" mirror effect porcelain tile by Viven's Capilar

Isarena Beautyline's arrives in the United States, the innovative and effective treatment for the restoration of your hair with visible immediate results. Keracolor, Hair Porcelain, Post Keratin Treatment , specialized in returning everything you lose with the chemicals applied to your hair, softness, color, hydration, volume without frizz, and an endless number of benefits and nutrients that in just 20 minutes, restores the appearance of your hair, and the changes are absolutely remarkable.
Hair porcelain is NOT a keratin, it is a technology that was recently developed, with great fixing power in the capillary cortex, with moisturizing active ingredients and a system of liposomes that, when united with heat, achieve a powerful action that allows its Nutrients act and duplicate the internal effects of the hair to reshape the hair fiber and transform it from curly to straight without harmful components . Its main purpose is to keep your hair in good shape despite the chemicals that you have previously used and to protect your hair from heat, from the mistreatment of toxic products and to restore its vitality with its boom of active nutrients, in addition to enhancing your color, and in Blonde hair acts as an excellent toner to eliminate yellowish and opaque tones.
- It is a product free of strong odors, formaldehyde and chemicals.
- Totally compatible with dyes, bleaching and waves.
This system acts as a vehicle, taking the nutrients directly to the capillary cortex and then dissolving them with the vaporization, producing greater effectiveness in each active ingredient. The results? A restored and recovered hair in 20 minutes !! Why is it so effective? Due to its high content of proteins and amino acids that rebuild the hair fiber, progressively aligning the cuticle and providing strength and maximum nutrition to your hair. Accelerates hair growth by thickening the strand thanks to its high content of nutrients such as:
- Biotin - Collagen - Vitamin E - Flaxseeds
It has powerful properties against dandruff and dryness, while it locks in moisture to prevent split ends, as it includes ingredients such as:
- Sacha inchi - Hyaluronic acid - Macadamia - Coconut - Argan and direct active ingredients
Recover your hair tone again and neutralize oxidation in your blond with KERACOLOR .
Available Tones: - Pearl Beige - Silver - Fusion - Neutral - Black - Red - Copper - Chocolate - Pure White
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