Summer Collection

Enjoy summer to the fullest with these incredible products

My selection of summer essentials

Summer is my favorite time of year, and to make sure I enjoy every moment to the fullest, I always have a collection of products on hand designed specifically for this time of year.

From sunscreen to refreshing after-sun products, I want to share with you my essentials to enjoy the summer with style and care.

Sun protection: your best ally in the summer

facial sunscreen

My first essential for summer is, without a doubt, a good facial sunscreen.

I opt for light, non-greasy formulas that absorb quickly and don't leave a white residue. I look for products with high SPF to protect my skin from the sun and prevent premature aging.

Body sunscreen

To protect the rest of my body, I always carry a waterproof body sunscreen with me.

I love quick-absorbing sprays or lotions that allow me to easily reapply sunscreen throughout the day, especially if I'm at the beach or pool.

Intense hydration to combat the heat

Moisturizing spray

The summer heat can be exhausting on the skin, so I always carry a refreshing hydrating spray with me.

These products are a true blessing when I need to cool down quickly and replenish hydration lost due to the sun and heat.

aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel is another essential in my summer kit.

In addition to soothing the skin after sun exposure, it also helps reduce inflammation and prevent peeling.

I apply it generously to any areas that have been exposed to the sun to keep my skin soft and soothed.

Hair care in the sun

Hair protector

We cannot forget to protect our hair from the sun and salt or chlorinated water.

A hair protective spray with SPF is essential to keep our hair healthy and protected.

In addition to protecting you from the sun, these products help prevent UV damage and color fading.

Restorative treatments

After a day in the sun, my hair often needs a little extra love.

I opt for restorative hair treatments rich in nourishing ingredients such as argan, coconut or jojoba oils.

These treatments restore lost moisture and leave my hair soft and manageable.